Leebo, Leebosoft’s Mascott, has been given a special power by the God of Time and of Eternity. With his magic compass, he can travel in time and discover what happened from a long long time.
Travel with Leebo and his magic compass, through time, to discover the history of Countries, great inventions and famous characters.

The History of Lebanon Part I
In part 1 of Leebo's adventures, History of Lebanon, you will travel through the past starting from the prehistoric times up until the Arab Conquest going through the Phoenicians, Alexander the Great and other legendary heroes and gods. At the end of each story, Leebo will ask you fun questions that will help you memorize the story.

The History of Lebanon Part II: : A real Interactive world level adventure
The Second Part of Leebo's adventures is a completely different and more immersive experience.
In spite of being an animated bookstory, it is going to be a real point and click adventure. By point and click, we mean a real interactive adventure in which the user can identify himself with Leebo and travel in time, to discover the History of Lebanon and many personnalities.
The Leebosoft team has already undergone the production process of Leebo's adventures: History of Lebanon Part II and will soon tell you all about it in Press Releases !

Another branch of Leebosoft's business scope is to transfer static books into an animated interactive multimedia software that breathes life into the characters.

If you are a Kids Book Publishers and have any interesting or imaginative plots, contact us now.
Let's work together to bring your Books to Life.


We, at Leebosoft, cannot deny or ignore the importance of Cartoons to kids. That's why, another important objective of ours, is to produce Lebanese Cartoons which project our habits, values, history, humour, unity and Love.
Something our Kids can relate to!
If you are you a Comic Book writer or have a scenario or storyboard ready for cartooning contact us.

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LEEBO in Europe
"The adventures of Leebo, The History of Lebanon Part 1" is now available in europe through www.libanus.com

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