Leebosoft is a Edutainment Software company, which aim is to produce world level educational game adventures. Teamed up by a couple of young talented, passionate, creative Lebanese with skills that will make you dream.
Leebosoft's vision is to use new media to provide innovative products that enable children and teenagers to obtain maximum enjoyment through learning, discovery and play-
Have fun while learning.
Being highly innovative, Leebosoft is the first start up company to ever produce the History of Lebanon for Children on a multimedia interactive animated Illustrated CD-Rom.

Children are born with a curiosity for knowledge, yet by the time they have been through a few years at school, learning is considered to be an unpleasant experience.
When learning is entertaining, learning becomes enjoyable and encourages the student to invest more time and to want to explore further.
We believe that children should be exposed to quality graphics and animation and that these help create a more immersive experience.
That's why, at Leebosoft, we continously are at the edge of Kids animation, Children gaming psychology and educational materials...

Thanks to its team, Leebosoft's first Innovative Production (Dec. 2004) : «  Leebo's adventures- History of Lebanon Part 1 » for kids between 7 and 15, was developed with high levels of creativity, graphic quality, animation, interactivity and music.

Composed of School Teachers, Child Psychologists, Graphic Artists, Illustrators, Cartoon animators and music composers, our team shares a passion towards Education, Kids and Cartoons.

Leebosoft is constantly searching for new talent, Join the Leebosoft Team

Leeebosoft S.A.R.L was created in September 2004.
Leebosoft S.A.R.L is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Beirut under number RC# 2005542 Jabal Lubnan. VAT Registration and Bar Code identification.

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In spite of its recent establishment, Leebosoft has been highly appreciated and thanked by its audience and the press only 2 weeks after its first appearance on the Lebanese Market.
In September 2005, Leebosoft will offer Lebanese Schools, leebo's adventures at a very low price: 10,000 L.L
Leebosoft is searching for international distributors and promoters to help us spread the world Leebo to the Lebanese Children living outside Lebanon.
Leebosoft is the first innovative startup Lebanese company to ever produce the History of Lebanon on a Multimedia interactive CD-Rom for Kids in a Cartoon way, teaching them the History of Lebanon in a very fun, visual, educational and entertaining way.

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