In part 1 of Leebo's adventures, History of Lebanon, you will travel through the past starting from the prehistoric times up until the Arab Conquest going through the Phoenicians, Alexander the Great and other legendary heroes . At the end of each story, Leebo will ask you fun questions that will help you memorize the story. 7 games are prepared specially for you by Leebo.
The First Part of Leebo's adventures is an animated illustrated children book telling the history of Lebanon for Children in a fun and entertaining way.

The First Part was undergone and produced in November 2004 by a team of developpers, animators, history teachers, Child psychologists, illustrators and scenario writers, etc...

The Second part of Leebo's adventures will be soon available to the public.
It will be a real worldwide level point and click adventure.
Leebo will have to face obstacles, situations, personnalities and go to the adventure in order to find what he is searching for.
While he goes into this adventure, he will discover objects, historical personnalities, places that will teach him the History of Lebanon, at that time, in a very entertaining and interactive way.
We will soon post a preview of the 2nd Part of Leebo's adventures

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For every CD you buy, $1 will be donated to a Lebanese association for children.

Leebo's adventures: History of Lebanon Part II is going to be a real point and click innovative adventure. We will tell you more very soon.

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