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We look forward for our close collaboration, knowing that Leebo's adventures is the first innovative CD-Rom that tells the history of Lebanon to Kids in a multimedia interactive cartoonist way and knowing that a Lebanese distributor is essential for our regional growth.

Fore more information about the CD-Rom: Leebo's adventures- History of Lebanon Part 1, click here
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Are you a Lebanese Personnality living outside Lebanon, an editor, Kids Books Publisher or just a Lebanese individual wishing to sponsor our activity in order to enable us to continue our mission?

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Individual Pack: 8 000 USD
• Name mention in the CD introduction
• Inclusion as presenting sponsor in all press releases and publicity
• Special thanks section on Leebosoft web site
• A keynote speech session during conference (time to define)

Corporate Pack: 15 000 USD

• Corporate logo presence on CD back cover (printed in at least 20,000 Copies)
• Corporate logo displayed in CD introduction
• Corporate logo/special banner displayed on Leebosoft web site home page
• Special appearance within a dedicated section for official sponsors/presentation of the company with direct link to the company web site
• Inclusion in all promotional advertising for the event (TV, radio and print).
• 100 free copies of LEEBO CD-ROM
• A keynote speech session during conference (30 sec)

Leebosoft Team thanks you in advance for your support and courtesy in helping Leebo in its adventures!

In order to ensure its regional development and to develop its distribution and activities in the Europe and the USA, Leebosoft is raising Capital through Investors.
Please, contact us in order to setup a meeting or if you prefer to read the business plan, we could send you a copy by DHL.

We thank you for your interest in Leebosoft and look forward for our close collaboration !

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In spite of its recent establishment, Leebosoft has been highly appreciated and thanked by its audience and the press only 2 weeks after its first appearance on the Lebanese Market.
Leebosoft is constantly searching for new talent, Join the Leebosoft Team.

For every CD you buy, $1 will be donated to a Lebanese association for children.

LEEBO in Europe
"The adventures of Leebo, The History of Lebaon Part 1" is now available in europe through www.libanus.com

Help Leebo meet his Lebanese Friends around the world.

We are seaching for distributors, sponsors and investors to promote Leebo's adventures: History of Lebanon Part II

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