Leebo is the first Lebanese Character to ever discover Lebanon and share its History, Culture and heritage with the Children around the world in a multimedia animated entertaining way.
Leebo is a young Lebanese boy who has been given a compass when he was younger. One day, the compass reveals to him special powers. He discovered that he can travel in the past to discover what happened from a long long time.
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In this section, we will explore the educational side of Leebo's adventures and its benefits to your children's educational process .

First, some documents will explain the point and click adventure concept then we will stress on the educational advantages of the History of Lebanon Part I presented by Leebo. Click to enter

In part 1 of Leebo's adventures, History of Lebanon, you will travel through the past starting from the prehistoric times up until the Arab Conquest going through the

Phoenicians, Alexander the Great and other legendary heroes . At the end of each story, Leebo will ask you fun questions that will help you memorize the story. 7 small games are prepared specially for you by Leebo, just to take a break between stories.

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Leebosoft is searching for international distributors, promoters, investors and sponsors to promote Leebo's adventures on an International level through Lebanese networks.

If you are a professional and have access to a Lebanese network oustide Lebanon that would be interested in our collaboration, please contact us.

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Defi Liban, an educational web platform project about the Prehistoric age and the History of Lebanon, is a wonderful tool to help Children, Teachers and Schools to share teamwork and knowledge sharing

Leebosoft's website has been awarded the bronze medal in the category of Educational and cultural websites. The reward has been granted by Lebanon Web Awards, at BIEL Beirut.
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LEEBO in Europe, Aug. 05
"The adventures of Leebo, The History of Lebanon Part 1" is now available in europe through www.libanus.com
LBCI, December 19, 2004
"Can Leebo do what the Lebanese failed to do: write Lebanon's history?"
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