Children are born with a curiosity for knowledge, yet by the time they have been through a few years at school, learning is considered to be an unpleasant experience.

When learning is entertaining, learning becomes enjoyable and encourages the student to invest more time and to want to explore further.

We believe that children should be exposed to quality graphics and animation and that these help create a more immersive experience.

Leebosoft dedicates its efforts in making innovative games adventures solution for children and their parents.

What is a point and click adventure?
An adventure game is a type of computer game where the player progresses by interacting with the game environment. In general adventure games tend to have a lot more in common with other narrative-based art forms (e.g. films, novels and comic books) than other styles of computer game.
The fundamental elements of the adventure game model include a protagonist, a game environment, and objects; the player controls the main character, and can interact with the other elements.

Criteria for buying an educational CD-Rom:
It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz of educational software. Bright color, clever animation, and interesting background music don’t necessarily mean that a product will be effective in the classroom. These extras may distract the learner rather than focus on a learning goal.

Before you buy, determine whether the product fits your needs. Software producers often have useful information at their websites.

In our case, Leebo's adventures is an educational and entertaining CD-Rom. It is an extra- scholar tool. The First CD-Rom: "Leebo's adventures: history of Lebanon Part I" is an animated book with a littke interactivity whereas the 2nd Part will be a complete interactive adventure, letting your children interact and live the adventure.


Schools Discount : Back to School

The CD-Rom: Leebo's adventures History of Lebanon Part I will be proposed to Lebanese Schools of the world at the price of 7 USD as a back to school offer, to enable them to offer this CD-ROm to Kids as a para educational tool to be used at home after school.

Leebo's adventures: History of Lebanon Part I
is not an educational substitute to learning the history of Lebanon with a History Teacher.
Leebo's adventures is a para educational tool, to enable Kids and Children to learn the History of Lebanon at Home while playing an interactive adventure

Educational advantage of Leebo's adventures:
The child will face different kind of obstacles, situations , personnalities and characters. Playing the new adventure of Leebo (Part II) will lead to enjoying the game and adventure, while learning the History of Lebanon in his way ( the Kids way)
While having fun in his adventure in time, he will of course meet the characters, the historical facts that will lead him to a global understanding of the History.

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60 % Discount will be available to your children through your school.

Visit the distributor corner, Dowload the distributor kit and help us promote Leebo in the Lebanese diaspora.

To my great surprise, I received a gift for my daughter, from my brother in Lebanon.
My 7 year-old daughter Maria, keeps singing Leebo's song and learned it in Arabic. I was so proud of her.
She loved Leebo, Good Luck
Carole S. , Nigeria
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