The Studio

BAN has started its activities in January 2004, with the creation of Leebosoft, an educational cartoon multimedia startup based in Lebanon, dedicated to the directing of Leebo’s adventures – History of Lebanon .

In perspective of development, Beirut Animation Network SAL was created in January 2007 and is registered & located in Beirut, Lebanon.

We have developed, through in-house trainings, an extensive knowledge in new digital art & animation techniques, special effects & Compositing.


We are pleased to share our knowledge and service clients.

Legal Information

BAN stands for Beirut Animation Network SAL.

BAN is registered in the Chamber of Commerce under RC # 2012128/Baabda

The Network

BAN regroups creative script writers, character & background designers, 2D and 3D animators, musicians, multimedia experts, VFX artists, voice over & directors.

Our mission is to create a place for artists to share, learn, develop their potential and advice them about their career plan.

We aim to develop workshops, contests and festivals around this network of talents.

Ban believes that talents hold a responsibility to express themselves because they can reach inner souls through their artwork.

Hard work and devotion are key ingredients to reach fulfillment and excellence.

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